Not So Close!


We thought it would be a relief.


We were looking forward to getting and giving hugs again…

but now that we can, many of us don’t feel safe doing it.


For 16 months it was drilled into us:

“Distance and Masks will Keep Us Safe.”


For 16 months the world we knew changed,

… and it kept on changing.


Now, the one thing that was constant through it all,

the one thing that promised us safety… is changing.


As you look around you can see streets becoming busy again. 

People who got their second vaccine are starting to trust that it worked.


People are getting together with those they haven’t seen in months.

They are venturing out without masks…

People are Hugging again.


For 16 months the folks in the know said:  

“Keep your Distance and Wear your Mask.”


Now they’re saying:

“You’ll be fine.”


It feels like we’ve been waiting eons for this day,

and now that it’s here… we feel fear.


It’s Hard.

It’s Scary…  

We Want Hugs

     … and we’re afraid.


All of these feelings are normal. 


Change brings grief

and grief looks different for all of us.

No matter what you’re feeling, please be gentle with yourself.







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