New year, new skills and leaving room for miracles…


“When we don’t know what to do,
it’s tempting to believe that nothing can be done.”
As kids we learned how to deal with loss by watching the adults around us and it’s frustrating when we discover that what we learned from their examples isn’t working.   It’s not that they, or anyone wanted to steer us wrong, our parents and teachers just said and did what they thought was right.
It takes courage to admit that what you were taught isn’t working, to seek new teachers and new ways of doing things but if you’re willing to learn new ways and do new things you can change your life. 
People who don’t know how to heal will tell you that you have to learn to live with your pain,
…. but that simply isn’t true.
Grief Recovery teaches actionable skills.
It takes 7 weeks to learn them and you’ll have a lifetime to use them.


Imagine what your life could be like if you knew how to heal. 







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