Time to evaluate…

If you’re alive, you’ve known loss.   Until a few years ago most of us suffered our losses relatively quietly.   We would hurt for a bit and if we had an ear available we might kvetch for a bit but then we’d chalk the pain up to the realities of life… and toddle forward, largely along the same path.

And then came Covid.

Now that we seem to be past the worst of the covid years, folks are taking time to evaluate their losses and many are stepping off the same-old-path.

What used to seem important, suddenly doesn’t any more, what never crossed our minds is suddenly vital and what we used to put up with, is now intolerable.   There is a lot of change afoot.

This is what it’s like, to survive BIG Loss…

It gives us a new perspective.

… and with that perspective comes the grief we feel as we see the pain we put ourselves through along the way and all the things we tried that did not pan out the way we hoped they would.

Whether you chose to make be changes because of your new perspective or not, please be gentle with yourself as you grieve.

Your feels are real.  xoxo



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