Sad, bored and lonely, the unpopular triplets.

We live in a world that is happy to discuss sex and weirdness and all manner of personal things… but not genuine emotions. Particularly not uncomfortable ones.

I will admit that for a while I lived with the fairy tale that said:

“Once I have unpacked every box, I will be able to get to work, start teaching and socializing and having fun.”

Yeah…. It didn’t exactly happen that way.

Cuz once I finished unpacking all the boxes I was exhausted. And it had been Far Too Long since I’d done anything but pack, purge, unpack, sort or organize. I needed FUN but I was too pooped to know what to do… and I was in a new place and didn’t have my usual playmates to call on. Enter BOREDOM. Wanting to Do Stuff but having no idea what to do. Then realizing that there was no one available for me to play with… Enter LONELINESS. Quickly followed by SADNESS that all my fairy tale dreams were Not Coming True as Advertised.

This is Grief. When we feel this confluence of Schtuff without any easy way to resolve it.

We live in a world doesn’t yet have the tools to sit with these things. If we dare to tell anyone that we are sad or scared, bored or lonely they are quick to try to fix the situation, or fix us, or at the very least, hush us up until they can get away. When all we really want, is someone who will listen.

The Grief Recovery method has been teaching people how to listen for more than 40 years.

It starts with listening to ourselves and admitting what’s really going on inside. xox

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