Are you keeping accurate accounts?


Have you added it up?

Are you honest with yourself about what the last few years have cost you… ?

… or the years before that?


Do you treat yourself with compassion and kindness,

… for all that you’ve been through?


When we don’t keep an accurate account of what it takes to get through each day, the tough times can find us with low reserves and we run the risk of falling into a kind of emotional overdraft.   From there, it’s easy to treat ourselves and everyone we meet with less love and kindness than they deserve.


The covid years showed us the cost of ignoring this basic accounting… and now many people are trying to rebalance their personal accounts.


People are looking at what they were taught to do, what they did and what they got from following the old rules.   Many are choosing to step off and find something different for themselves because of what they are seeing.


Even if your life isn’t changing much, the shuffling of others is a palpable and unsettling feeling

… and those unsettling feelings often loosen up unexpected grief.


Whether it is grief for the roads not taken… or for the old familiar, that seems long gone, your feels are real and deserve your respect.

Please be gentle with yourself.  xox



Grief Recovery teaches people how to take an accurate accounting and then, how to heal the hurts that have long been overlooked. xox



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