video connections are better than nothing…

… but not by much …

There are Grief Recovery Specialists who have been trained and licensed to guide you through the Grief Recovery process online.

I am Not one of them…

I believe that in-person, human to human connection brings magic to the process. Human connection is one of the reasons I became a Grief Recovery Specialist. I just don’t think that anything else is as good.

CoVid has pushed a lot of us to accept online connections as “the new normal”.

I’m not buying it.

For folks who are bedridden, or living in remote communities where working with a Grief Recovery Specialist just isn’t possible, except by video… it’s the perfect answer. Because Grief Recovery work, done by video, with a properly trained specialist Is Better than living with a broken heart.

It’s just not one of the services that I offer.

Because it’s not right for me.

… and that’s unlikely to change. xox

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