Grief and hope… or not

There are those who believe that hope is the saviour of all.

And yet… sometimes it is the act of losing the last shred of hope, that propels us to change.   It is only when we have no hope left that we finally give up on magic solutions and begin to act in ways that were unthinkable while we still hoped things would turn around.

As a teacher, Labour Day always held more meaning for me than New Years Day but even so,  I’ve always watched to see what each new year would hold and until this year, I’ve always had hope that the new year would bring bright and shiny things.   

But this year my hope is gone.   Covid used it up.    I am dreading cold and flu season this year because it will bring terror to people who fear that it’s so much more.   I dread the news reports and the possible return of restrictions.   I dread the fighting and acrimony that has risen up around covid, it’s precautions and the vaccines.  

I don’t see a bright and shiny future ahead even though there will likely be one.   Because no matter what we feel on our darkest days, the future usually turns out bright.  

Right now, from where I sit, the brightest possibility I can imagine is the possibility that this might be our last year of fighting this pandemic.  Much more clearly I foresee the ravages left behind once covid packs it’s bag and moves on.   I see people bruised from this pandemic .   I see that our system has been broken and that it needs to change and I see a whole lot of turmoil as we build something new.

I see a mess coming and from that mess, hopefully something healthier.

So maybe I have hope after all.  xox

Stay well.   xoxo


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