Liminal days…


Liminal spaces are the spaces in-between.

They are the calm before the storm and the moments after it as well.

Liminal moments are pregnant with potential and unknowns and mystery… and they’re exhausting.


As we move into 2021 with the US election settled, many of us are breathing easier but there are many things still unknown.

Will our favourite businesses open again?  

Will the ripples from the pandemic change the face of our neighbourhood forever?   


Those who are old enough will never forget the year(s?) that the world stopped.  

From now on, there will be things that will be marked as BC and AC.   (Before CoVid and After…)


All of this change and all of the potential hanging in the air, has everyone on edge.

We’re all weary of it.   We’re all doing our best.

Be gentle with yourself.










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