Grieving our New Normal…


The world has always been changing but covid gave us more change in a few years than any of us ever dreamed of.

When change is small and incremental and we have time to acclimatize, we hardly notice the process … but covid wasn’t small or incremental, it stopped everything, all at once and we Noticed.

We noticed what we lost and we noticed what was suddenly out of reach…

Now we’re noticing the things that did not return to the way they were….  and for those changes and losses, both large and small, we are grieving.

We’re grieving plans that won’t come to fruition because of the ways the world has changed.   We’re grieving years lost trying to make old rules work and the new realization that new skills need to be learned and practiced.   Many of us are grieving the scarcity of folks who are safe to talk to about any of this.

The big lesson that covid taught us is that we need each other.   We are all more fragile than we were admitting and our emotional and mental healths deserve more care than they were getting.    As we learn to navigate this familiar-but-different world, many are looking for new and better ways to care for themselves and better skills to teach their children.

Recovering from grief is almost always about unearthing unspoken truths and speaking them with love and respect.

When you’re ready to talk, Grief Recovery Listens.

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