Can you forgive yourself?


We all make mistakes and we all have regrets.

When life changes, it can feel like a door has closed.  

We can feel like prisoners, locked in cells with nothing but our regrets.


How are you supposed to move on from that?  


We’ve all missed deadlines at one time or another, said things that would have been better left unsaid and stayed silent when words would have helped…  but sometimes those slip-ups feel impossible to recover from.


If you have ever wondered how to  forgive yourself for what you have done or failed to do… Grief Recovery has the answer.   Grief Recovery teaches people the steps to take to heal hurts that seem impossibly complicated.  It only takes 7 weeks.


Your time to do things right may have passed but your time to heal the pain of regret hasn’t. 

Call today and find out how. 






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