Do you know what to do when you reach your limit?


Last month I had a frightening wake-up call.  Late at night a fire started in my building.     Sirens and strobe lights woke me from a sound sleep and I rushed outside to stand with dozens of my neighbours.   Some of us in pyjamas and others clutching pets, we stood in the dark watching the firefighters do the remarkable work they do and waiting for the “all clear”.


As far as I know, no one was hurt in the blaze.

Neither the fire, smoke nor water damaged anything of mine.

Yet for a while that night, my sense of safety was lost and for days afterwards it remained shaken.


Being near an emergency shakes us.    When we’re charged up by a fight-or-flight situation and we don’t end up having to fight or flee, we are left with unused energy roiling around inside us.   Once I realized what was going on, I put my tools to work and I feel better now.   Grief Recovery taught me what to DO with roiled up energy.


Today I am thinking about all who survived the lockdowns.

We may not have lost anyone or anything but our sense of safety was shaken and we lived for months in that roiled up state… ready but unable to fight an invisible enemy.  Once the lockdowns were lifted we were each left with our own unique stew of roiled energy and frazzled emotions.  Many folks are wandering around today, still shaken, with no idea what to do with all that they’re feeling. 


When you’re ready to learn what to do, Call me.  xox



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