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Liminal days…

  Liminal spaces are the spaces in-between. They are the calm before the storm and the moments after it as well. Liminal moments are pregnant

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We weave a life…

There are things that we don’t understand… and maybe can’t… until we do.     Life-lessons that seem antiquated right up until the day when

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the remainders of war…

Microwaves, GPS, Duct Tape, Crazy Glue Epi Pens, Blood Banks and Transfusions…   Inventions that feed us, find us, keep things together and keep us alive a

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…. they come every year and often we don’t give them much thought.    Then someone you love dies.   You bury them, you cry, you grieve….  and you

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Catherine Mitchell

Grief Recovery Specialist,
Bereavement Facilitator,
NLP Master Practitioner

In Ki Health & Wellness
14 Garrard Road,
Whitby, Ontario L1N 3K3

Grief Recovery Ontario is owned and operated by Joy Works Seminars Inc.

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