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Canada Day…

Canada Day. … a long weekend … post covid or mid covid.  (No one knows for certain yet…) What you know is that you’ve lost

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3 years later…

Three years ago I packed my bags and moved to Oshawa.   … as often happens, that first year was nothing like I expected.  

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I wish you kindness…

It has been a long, hard two years. Covid has changed the world and folks are stretched thin. Each time covid surges tempers become shorter

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Words matter…

When you look at the picture above, you might see a tranquil path.   Or you might see the dark and terrifying unknown.   Whatever

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Catherine Mitchell

Grief Recovery Specialist,
Bereavement Facilitator,
NLP Master Practitioner

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Whitby, Ontario L1N 3K3

Grief Recovery Ontario is owned and operated by Joy Works Seminars Inc.

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