When we realize that we’re on the wrong road…

It can happen because someone died, we lost a job or a pet or a friend.   The loss pushes us to look at what’s important in life and we realize that we’ve been on the wrong path… for a LONG, LONG time.   It’s a frustrating and discouraging revelation.    We look back and see how hard we worked and how far we’ve come and don’t know whether to swear, or scream or lay down and weep.

This is a grief that isn’t often talked about.   It’s separate from the grief that started us looking back.

It’s the grief of stumbling and falling, trying and failing, learning who to trust and who we can lean on… and who we can’t.

One of the painful steps in Grief Recovery is accepting that people we trusted, gave us bad advice or set us on a faulty path.   They meant well…  but they were misinformed.   Worse yet is when we knew in our gut that what they were saying wasn’t right for us… but we were too young or inexperienced to step away from what we were being told.

The grief you feel remembering these moments is real.

Be gentle with yourself. xox


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