Fresh starts…

Last year I moved from a home in farm country to an apartment in the city.

Although the pace of this new place is not quite what I expected, it feels good to be here. As 2020 dawned I found myself fairly well settled in my new digs, with a new office pending and new adventures to look forward to.

What I didn’t expect, was that it would take 6 months and 6 new phone numbers before I had home and business numbers that worked for me. I didn’t expect that getting a spare key cut would take months, emails, phone calls and days of frustration. I didn’t expect to find kind and loving neighbours right across the hall, who would watch out for me and invite me for dinner.

Change never turns out exactly the way we expect it will.  Even when we get everything we asked for, there are always details we didn’t anticipate.  

Whether you’re having a baby or moving house, getting married, or letting go of someone you love. There will be things that will catch you by surprise. Usually a collection of them…  

Life is big.  And Messy.  And usually pretty wonderful.   Except when it isn’t…

Grief Recovery helps make sense of it all.

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