Where is Your Enough?

We live in a fast-paced, competitive world, amidst the constant refrain of:

“Do More, Be More, Have More, Get More…”

“Learn the latest trick and and Do it all Faster and more Profitably than you’ve ever done before.”


We’re even promised that we can Relax More, Rest More, Retire Earlier…  all these riches hinge on getting stuff done now, getting it done well and making the right choices.  (whatever those might be)


But what about Enough?

When have we done Enough?  

When is it time to stop and rest?


The answer is different for everyone, every day.


What I know for certain is, too few of us are stopping to ask ourselves:  “Have I done enough?”


Covid has locked us in, put our lives on hold, put our loved ones at risk and put a lot of our choices out of reach… and many of us are acting like it’s life as usual.   We don’t know how to stop the striving.


This is your permission to slow down.

Or Stop.

Or take a nap.

The world will continue to spin.  

I promise.  xoxo

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