What a craptastic few years this has been.
Masks, lockdowns, restrictions, many of us spent months stranded and starving for human touch.  Whether from covid or other, people died and the ancient comforts of touch and tears and gathering ritual were out of reach.   People lost their jobs and some lost their businesses.  
The world changed and we were changed along with it. 
As we near Thanksgiving 2022 I find myself searching through the wreckage of my life for what I gained and lost, what I am grateful for and what I feel sorrow about.  This is what Grief Recovery has taught me to do.   I tell the truth, I sift and sort and weigh and measure… then I celebrate the wins and grieve the losses.
This weekend, whether you are alone or with others, I wish you peace and health and if possible, moments of joy.
We have survived everything life has thrown at us so far.  xoxo


“A bend in the road is not the end of the road”


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