Words matter…

When you look at the picture above, you might see a tranquil path.   Or you might see the dark and terrifying unknown.   Whatever you see and feel is yours, there is no right or wrong here.

I have run into a few people lately, who want to edit the way we talk about covid, as though there is only one right way.    They say:  “the words we use matter!”   and they are right.   But in thinking that they know What the Right words are… they are wrong.


When we talk about a spat between friends as if it were war, we may be adding tension and chaos to a situation that could be easily resolved.

But when we do the opposite, when we call war a skirmish, or peacekeeping, or a conflict, we minimize the pain and terror of those who are engaged in the battle.

Sometimes, diminishing a thing with our words is the very best thing we can do, to help us get through a tough time.

Other times it diminishes the work and fear and struggle that we put in.


Whether healthcare and other essential workers are on the front line of a war… or whether they are simply doing their job, can only be determined by each individual.   Only they know what it costs them to go to work each day… only they know how it has or will change the course of their lives.

Events like this pandemic, can change the course of history.   They can change how our jobs, lives, marriages and finances move forward…   They can change things drastically for the good and catastrophically for the bad.   Only those who are touched by each, have the right to say what it was for them.

Please stop speaking for others.

Please stop assuming you know what anything is like for anyone other than yourself.

Own your fears, pains and your triumphs equally.

You have lived and you deserve respect and recognition for every step that you’ve been through.

So does everyone else.




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