Don’t let CoVid win…

Most of us grew up with the same tired advice for coping with heartache, fear, grief and loss:

“Get Over it, Get Past it, Get Through it or Forget About it.

Move On…”

The problem is, none of those helpful tidbits really Solved our Problems.    

Coping with a Problem, by definition means that the problem still Exists…

and when you don’t have the tools to Solve a problem, sometimes all you can do is Cope. 

Right now the whole world is Coping with CoVid.  We’re Coping with the changes that it has brought and will continue to bring to our lives but we Don’t have to Cope with the feelings that are roiling up inside us because of it.

If you’re one of the folks who has coped with painful issues in your life by staying busy… you may be feeling overwhelmed right now because as you sit idle, memories of times past seem to land in your lap.   If you feel trapped at home with painful memories or feelings of grief about what is happening there are things that you can do to make life better for yourself.

I’m not suggesting another way of Coping.   I’m suggesting that you take the time you’ve got and Learn Better ways of dealing with painful emotions.   This isn’t a suggestion that’s fun and easy to implement, what I’m suggesting will take work.   But right now you’ve got the time.   What if you used that time to make yourself smarter and stronger?  What if you came out of CoVid with Better Emotional Health than you had when you went into it?

The Grief Recovery Handbook can walk you through the steps, just like it’s been doing for grievers for over 40 years.   Yes, it’s easier with a buddy, there’s no question about that.   It’s better to do this in a class with others who can help you or one on one with a Grief Recovery Specialist but CoVid has put both of those out of reach right now.   So are you going to let CoVid win?  Or are you going to do what you can, while you have the time?

The Grief Recovery Handbook is available from Amazon in both Kindle and Audio format.   You can have either one delivered to your computer right now.

I urge everyone who is reading this to consider buying the book.   Even if you don’t get through All of the exercises on your own, it will give you a new foundation for living.   Life is always going to throw us new things to deal with.    People who have learned how to heal from the unhappy and uncomfortable things that life throws at us, have more energy left for the good stuff.

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