Are you CoVid Cranky??

I was in a parking lot this week and heard someone “toot-toot-tooooting!!” on their car horn as if they were celebrating the Leafs winning the Stanley Cup.

Unfortunately they weren’t celebrating.

The toot-tooter was having an adult temper tantrum and toot-toot-tooting at someone who had taken “their” parking spot, or failed to wear a mask, or some other perceived infraction. Whatever it was, the encounter used up the tooter’s last ounce of patience and they were making it obvious to anyone within a 3 block radius, that they’d “lost it”.

It’s almost impossible to predict what will set someone off these days, because all over the world, folks are working at the ends of their respective ropes.

CoVid has gone on far longer than most of us expected it would and it has effected far more of our lives than we expected it would and most unexpectedly of all… it has exposed the fact that most folks Cope with life.

In spite of what the beer commercials imply, before CoVid hit, most folks weren’t Joyfully living the Life of their Dreams, they were Coping with jobs and kids and unexpected bills. After months of having to cope with CoVid too, our coping skills are tapped out.

Whatever your plans for this year, it’s unlikely that they unfolded exactly as you thought they would.

When life takes unexpected turns and our dreams don’t come true, we grieve. When we don’t have any way to express these daily griefs, they build up in us like steam in a kettle. Grief Recovery teaches people what to do with all these little day to day griefs and that’s part of why I love it.

If you’re not ready to learn new skills, that’s okay, admit what you’re feeling, if only to yourself…  and watch life get just a little bit easier.

But if one call to tech support or someone cutting in front of you in a line has you ready to Scream.   

You might be CoVid Cranky. See if you can find time for a nice nap this weekend. xox

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