We weave a life…

There are things that we don’t understand… and maybe can’t… until we do.     Life-lessons that seem antiquated right up until the day when life makes them real and relevant and very, very important.

Why keep food in the pantry?   Why do I need a stocked medicine cabinet?   Why do I have to tell people that I love them?   There will always be time for those things….

Then one day there isn’t time… and suddenly you can’t reach out and hug people that you love, or say goodbye to those who are dying.

I was talking to a young woman who is balancing more than her share of family drama right now.     We talked about the wonderful memories that seem to come out of tough times.  The kind words, just when you need them.  Neighbours, looking after neighbours.   Shared laughter that seems to bubble out of nerves stretched too thin.   Without ever thinking about it, humans take the good with the bad and we weave the events of our lives into stories.  Over the years our stories become the tapestry of our life.

This year CoVid has changed the usual ways that we weave ourselves together and create memories.   We are learning that with care and effort we can weave a tapestry even when our strands cannot come together.

Life is testing our creativity and forcing us to make new patterns this year.

Whatever your beliefs this holiday season, I hope that you will take the time to make memories for yourself.   I wish you a tapestry filled with twinkle lights and hope for the coming year.  xoxo


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